Julie is a leading exponent in cosmetic and medical techniques throughout the UK, combining her work with the use of dermal fillers and lasers.

She worked extensively for the British Red Cross as a skin camouflage practitioner, dealing with facial and body traumas and conditions. She is also a reconstructive embalmerand is a member of Peter Butler’s face transplant team, preparing prosthetics for the first facial transplant in the uk.

Julie has vast experience in corrective and remedial procedures for scarring, self harming, vitiligo and areola reconstruction etc.., she combines her work with the use of dermal fillers, and works closely with medical experts in order to achieve  results that are 3  dimensional, natural and lifelike.

Her expertise and skill results in much of her work involving the correction of inferior workmanship, and can create results that range from the understated to a more over statement. The choice is yours.


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