Medical Tattooing

Some patients require skin tone correction to feel confident than before. Treatments for  darkening of skin to a natural shade for damaged skin areas, burns, scars, vitiligo, surgical scarring/ self harming, areola and cleft lip reconstruction.

However some conditons will benefit for MCA/ dry needling which is an entirely natural way of getting the body's own cells to regenerate, stimulating melanin to the area thus softening scar tissue.
Micropigmentation is literally the final touch to sometimes years of treatment. After micropigmentation patients can draw a line under all surgery and enjoy a better quality of life without the constant visual reminders.

On older client’s cosmetic camouflage can take years away without the use of surgery but adding colour, shape and definition to facial features. Thin, pale, uneven lips can be altered with cosmetic camouflage or patches of pale skin that lack colour definition can be transformed to match the surrounding skin area.

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