Semi-Permanent  Cosmetics

Semi-Permanent Make-up has many names; Micropigmentation, Dermagraphic Art, Interdermal Cosmestic, Permanent Make Up. 

Semi Permanent Make Up allows you to create a subtle, natural looking cosmetic effect that will last from morning to night, day after day, if not months but years - ensuring you look your best at all times, we can create soft, natural looking effects to enhance your features or dramatic for a total transformation. 

Just imagine waking up with flawless make-up, whatever your lifestyle, you can always look your best with semi-permanent cosmetics. All of these people will benefit from semi-permanent cosmetics or semi permanent makeup:

  • Anyone and everyone who desires a natural enhancement and to give freedom from the daily application of make-up.
  • Alopecia sufferers who have lost some or all their facial hair including eyebrows or eyelashes.
  • Chemotherapy patients who may loose facial hair would benefit from semi permanent make-up before or after treatment.
  • Vision impaired people who have difficulty applying make-up.
  • People with unsteady hands who cannot apply make-up through Arthritis, Multiple Sclerosis, Parkinsons Disease etc.
  • Anyone who may suffer allergies with conventional make-up.
  • Professional women, entertainers, media figures, models, actresses

eyebrow..Improving the appearance of your natural eyebrows is a highly popular procedure, it involves the delicate and precise addition of colour and hair strokes to your natural eyebrow hair.

eyeliner..Semi permanent eye liner allows for the addition of striking or subtle eyeliner that does not have to be applied day after day. The application of semi permanent eyeliner is a safe and easy process that produces fabulous results.

lips..Changing the appearance of your lips with permanent cosmetics is a process that produces amazing results. It allows for  undetectable enhancement of your natural lips with permanent lip liner, lip blush, lip correction or full lip colour.

Semi-Permanent Make-Up are different from traditional tattooing in many ways. The specialist cosmetic implantation techniques used, deposit tiny spots of pigment into the upper dermis of the skin, using highly precise digital cosmetic equipment.

Pharmaceutical grade pigments provide a wide range of colours which means that they can be specially blended to suit your colouring and individuality. For these reasons cosmetics medical  tattooing is often referred to as semi-permanent cosmetics and permanent make up

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